JustPlaneFun California Review


Beware of this company! An item was purchased and paid for via Priority Mail shipping. The company sent the item via First Class shipping and pocketed the additional 8.00 that they saved on shipping, while the item took much longer then advertised to arrived via the slower method. Additionally, the collectible item which condition and box condition matters was shipped in a padded envelope instead of putting it in the free priority mail box that was paid for. When the issue was brought up to the rude owner Doug Watson, he blamed me the customer rather then taking fault for pocketing the extra cash by downgrading the shipping that was paid for. I chalked it up to one bad experience as I’ve purchased plenty from said retailer, until next time I go to place an order I get refunded so I the “at-fault”” customer wouldn’t be disappointed again. Doug Watson and JustPlaneFun is simply a rude

unprofessional company that would rather pocket a few bucks then ship an item as advetised. Buyers Beware of this bait and switch scam artist!!”

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