Kay Jewelers, Rochester, MN Review


Kay Jewelers, Ruined my wedding rings!! I sent my wedding rings to repair a prong. My wedding rings still looked brand new, as they were not worn for many years due to the postponement of the wedding but in their ignorance,(Kay Jewelers repair people) they decided since they were vintage, they wanted to make them look new. They had NO wear on them! I did not recognize the ringswhen I got them back, they looked nothing like my original rings. They spray painted my wedding rings & changed the finish to a cheap bubbled up look called ‘brushing’, then when I was horrified and then a lame attempt to fix , they stripped the brushing (cheap bright yellow bubbled up material they put on there, and along with it, some of my original gold. Ron the manager, refused to compensate me for the damages. I was insulted with an offer for 10% off next shopping spree. I contacted Customer Care, Kristin and she refused to do anything about it either. She did not want Kay Jewelers to admit they ruined my rings. I will never shop there again, and I am trying to let as many people as I can know of their incompentancies. I really should have gotten an attorney to resolve this. Now, a family member has sent their rings off for work, I am horrified!!!. DO NOT trust any work done by Kay Jewelers, and you may not have any of the same parts left on it, when they are done!! .

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