Kersey Valley Attractions – Wasteful attractions


It is an adventure park which is famous for its horror show. Mostly people come here to watch a horror show and it has a great season in Halloween. During the last Halloween occasion, I planned to visit this horror place called Kersey Valley Attractions to celebrate Halloween day. When I entered their parking lot, I found a gift by them, a huge line of cars waiting for the parking and unfortunately, I was a part of them. I had to wait for 3 hours to find the car parking. That was the first hilarious thing for me over there. Then, I moved towards a security checkpoint which also had a long queue just because they had only one metal detector and people had to walk through the metal detector to enter into the park. I never knew it was going to be a bad day for me. At last, I was a lucky person to walk through the metal detector gate and entered into the adventure park. This place is quite big with a lot of rides, games and entertainment shows in which haunted house is one of the prominent ones. After visiting all other places, I decided to go to the last one which was a haunted house. I never had any experience of a haunted house before, so I was very excited to get in there. They were allowing people to enter into the haunted house in the form of groups but I was single so they adjusted me with another group of boys. We had to wait for my turn as there was a big queue in front of us already. Finally, we got our turn and went inside the house. The inside story is horror itself, let me tell you; there was complete darkness inside and the background sound of screaming and laughing was irritating me a lot. The area is quite big, where you can see the horror creatures on every turn. But, when I started walking every creature tried to frighten me out but they were not effective enough to get the adult people scared, whereas there were no kids over there because the place is only meant for adults. I didn’t scream for a single time and even I couldn’t hear a single scream too. I was watching a third-class horror movie. I was just waiting for the exit because I didn’t want to waste more time at that creepy place. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. Such a huge disappointment for me. Also wasting of money and time. They have to make these things better. Otherwise, this place is just crap. I don’t know why people give 4 stars or 5 stars to such creepy places with no proper management and arrangements. Random people have given Kersey Valley Attractions 4 starts as well, but I don’t believe them after visiting this place myself. I have told you the truth about this horrible place here, so be careful before planning a visit over there!

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