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Complaint: Lustine Dodge of Woodbridge Virginia advertised a used Mazda Miata for $13,383 on Autotrader. This price was within $100 of the Edmunds price for an identical car in ‘clean’ condition from a dealer. Sounds reasonable right? So I made an appointment and drove there from Frederick, MD. After test driving the car I asked for a work up of the vehicle cost. I told the dealer that would not be financing the car. Added to the price was a $995 ‘restoration fee’ and a $399 processing fee. They were not willing to sell the car for the advertised price. I was told by the dealer that they add a $2000 restoration fee to the price of high line cars but just $1000 to the price of cars like the Mazda. Interestingly, the car actually was in need of restoration. The carpet was worn through, the driver’s seat was noticeably scratched, 3/4 of the wheels had curb rash, there were several scratches in the finish, etc. I had to request that the car be washed so I could see the finish. The car had not been cleaned inside. This was clearly a case of Bait & Switch. The advertised price was reasonable for a car in ‘clean’ condition. The car was definitely not in clean condition. And the actual price was $1400 more than the advertised price. This deception by Lustine Dodge of Woodbridge cost me a 150 mile drive and 4 hours of my time. This practice is deceptive and I bet its not legal. I want perspective customers to know that this dealer will deceive you. I would definitely not recommend this dealer to anyone.

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Address: 14211 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Woodbridge, Virginia United States of America


Phone: 866-975-5512

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