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In may 2012 i was pulled over by the arkansas highway police dba dot was written up for false log book the cop lied it was not true i had unloaded in searcy arkansas had logged that i was not on a load at that time was enrote to pero truck stop in north little rock ar when he pulled me over so i got a load the next day i loaded and went to atlanta,ga got unloaded there there got another load for lexington,ky unloaded that load mercer told me to come to the office they cancelled my lease so i bobtailed back to home arkansas then the courd was coming up so i called the court clerk gave her my ticket number she said you have allready payed the ticket i said no way that i would pay the ticket so she done some reshearch come to find out mercer paid the ticket with a mercer credit card not a check but there cc i had no idea because i was going to court on this ticket i was going to fight the ticket in person request a jury trail hire a attorney then get this i never got my last check they plasterd this as a collection in the credit breau plasterd it in the dac as unsafe driving credit breau it would have been o.k. if i had said pay the thing i did not say that i had to send them the report that is the law that is how they got a copy of that ticket cvsa report they done tis because i figure there attorney hey you hope he does not show for court the cler in the court said its to late we have done reported it it had been 2 weeks sense they payed the thing now i have to live with this for 36 months all because of mercer transportion louisville,ky they should be sued in court .

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