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Friday, february 13th, i was searching online for great dane puppies. I came across a site called hoobly. I found a lady out of north carolina which is local to my area. Her advertisement stated she had three puppies. I contacted her and the next morning she responded to tell me she didn’t have any puppies left. She did, however, have a co-breeder that she worked close with that had a few pups left. On saturday, february 14th, i contacted this breeder and she immediatly responded with photos and a long email full of questions for me and what all she includes with her pups. She states she has been doing this for 30+ years and even provided email addresses to satisfied customers. I answered all of her questions and she got right back in touch via email as to where i could send the money, an address and her name. I then asked for a phone number to put on the money gram and responded quickly to tell me she is hearing impaired and cannot talk on the phone so email is best for her. She asked, why do you need my phone number? She proceeded to tell me the pup had to have one last vet re-check and then she would be shipping him out immediately. A couple hours later she emails and says she had been at the vet all day and was never seen and she had an appointment at noon the next morning. As soon as she was finished there she would start the shipping process. We are expecting a snow storm in our area and wasn’t sure our airport would be open so i emailed her several times with no response. So i emailed the lady that gave me her contact info and she said she was a 100% reputable breeder, etc… Monday, feb 16th 2015, i just had an uneasy feeling about this whole thing. So i googled the breeders name. I saw the post from another lady with the same names, same story and everything. I was devastated! to say the least. I went into legal mode… First, i contacted my states attoneys general. Second, i contacted the police dept of the address she gave me. Spoke with the fraud/scam department at the frisco police department in texas. I was then forwarded to the denton county police department in texas where a case was then opened. I provided the address of the lady. The deputy sheriff went to investigate. An elderly couple resides at that address without any pets. I then sent this information to the lady and she quickly then responded that if she didn’t send the puppy out tomorrow she would refund me. I told her i would prefer a refund immediately. I emailed her and let her know that i had a sheriffs deputy to go by the address she had given me and it wasn’t her address. She then responded that if i didn’t get my refund i could sue her. Please, be aware of these people and the scams they are pulling. I hope the other lady investigates as well.

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