Natasha Block – Minneapolis, Minnesota Minnesota


Quante Givens also known as Quan or Tae-Tae is a cheating crook who pimps women with low self-esteem. Where do we start, well he cheated on his wife with his HR manager at Target on South Blvd. in Charlotte, Natasha Block NC. Because of all the drama that was created from the situation at Target, said HR manager Tasha Block was forced to move back to her home town in Minneapolis Minnesota. After she left and Mr. Loss Prevention was left behind he made it his goal to sleep around with anyone that would let him at the store until it was his time to leave to Minneapolis. Oh did I forget about the wife well they are getting a divorce good for her. So on to the women that he began to sleep around with at Target. He starts by taking a group of 3 to 4 women to see When the Bough Breaks. Haven’t seen the movie but I assume it must have got steamy because after the movie the group went for drinks at Fridays on South Tryon Street in Charlotte NC. So out of the four women (Ay,Ka,La, and Ls) from Target and Tae-Tae left Friday’s is when the real action went down at the Suburban Extended Stay at 10225 Feld Farm Ln. (September 9 PM to September 10 AM). I assume after Quan got some pussy from 1 or more of the ladies on the date that he could not stay away so he increased the frequency of the texts messages that he was making back and forth. Not sure how he had time for his kids, soon to be ex-wife and new squeeze Tasha may they can figure it out or they already know and just don’t give a damn. So back to the story so on September 15 when all the great women get off that closed the fuck shop, I mean Target on South Blvd. where you can steal the sweetness out of sugar as long as you take care of the exuncover Loss Prevention worker Quan. OH on the 15th everyone decides they will hang out and discuss all the shit they will steal from Target before Tae Tae leaves to Minnesota. Let’s just say Quan’s kids had a great Christmas. So the convo went on to 4am in the morning on the 16th. My grandma always told me there is nothing open at 4am in the morning but legs and liquor stores, and if you Charlotte at all there are no Liquor stores open after 9PM. As time goes by the hooks ups slow down but the text messages increases. Next know visit comes in around October 16th, 2017 at the Sleep Inn on Tryon and Billy Graham parkway, a little after 4pm when the Panthers lost to Saints guess he had to finish watching the game. Before he could meet with at this point the one lady of Target although there was a group text sent out that two of these ladies were at the spa together. This is twice that at least two of the ladies were together at the same time as these meets at the hotel so either there is a threesome going on or some great cover by girlfriends. Just saying Moe you may want to check that. On to the third and final visit that is known of I’m sure there are more if you are aware of them post it in the comment section. The truth finally came out on November 19th to 20th when the group posted that there would be a Dinner party at Texas Road House in Concord, NC. After the dinner party was over at about 10:30 to 11 and Tae-Tae left his position at work and my BF (Z) was dropped back off at home Tae came up with the great idea to meet at Applebee’s on Tryon where the party eventually moved to the York Shire Inn in on S. Tryon $80.00 credit card receipt priceless. This is what exposed it all. Some ask me why did I go thru all this and still remain with the cheater well it was to get my daughter thru Christmas. It is now 2017 and time for Tae-Tae to be true to Tasha and her family who knows nothing about him using his position as LP to get cheap thrills. All statements here are true and I challenge anyone who know the parties involved to prove otherwise. The text logs are listed below as my proof. Good luck Tasha just remember during this time frame when he came to visit you that kiss you gave at the airport may have had some pussy juice left on his lips. PS make that money girl at the hospital ex-wife needs her coins. Why else would he be with you. Don’t believe any of this check his bank logs on 09/10/16 and 10/16/16 I wish I still had the text where he sent me his debit/credit card number to book room on 10/16/16. I will post text logs here shortly. Girl you should have called me.

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