Peoples Commerce Review


Hi my name is Jair Nunez . I am writing to you because i recently got a letter form Pompey litigation and buisness group claimimg that i owe money to Peoples Commerce. I returned the car to peoples commerce two years ago. People commerce sales man sold me a car i was making monthly payments to them. I actually thought my balance of car was two thousand dollars. the sales man gave me a contract in english when i bought the car . I dont speak or write in english he said he had no contracts in spanish but that he would translate for me. to my undeerstanding i thought that i was buying a used car and was making regular monthly payments . one day i decided to show contract to my sister in law and she said that the contract said i was leasing the used car and that the car would never be mine and i also had to pay for millage on a car that was already used. i went back to car dealer and confronted the sales man and he would not even talk to me. i asked to speak to the manger who also denied talking to me. i returned their car and paper work. aftre this happend a month later the place was under investigation for fraud and for lying to spanish people who did not speak english, i want to get a lawyer to help me with info.thank you so much


  • Name: Peoples Commerce
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Norristown
  • Address: 1001 W Ridge Pike
  • Phone: 1-484-344-5303
  • Website:

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