Power Post Review


I was contacted by a company known as "power Post" I was hired as an employee to inspect incoming packages, upload information and photos about packages and send to the company’s dashboard. They stated that they are a third party logistic, distribution company internationally. Packages should always come from Amazon, Ebay, Nike, well-known businesses. After two weeks of employment,Power Post reached out to me and explained that I was the best employee for their company and they wanted to give me a bonus and add on to the position as a ‘purchasing assistant. When asking for details about the position, they explained that I should take one step at a time with management, they will walk me through it.After a month of work, payroll was due….no transaction had been deposited to my account, oddly, packages stopped coming to my residence, and I am unable to contact any of the support team.It is now a week later, and I can reach No One after trying to reach out via email and by phone multiple times.I am positive this is an illegal company, maybe stealing goods and selling them.

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