Prime Time Shuttle LAX Los Angeles California Review


I found out my dad was dying of a ruptured aortic anyeurism at 4:40 am November 1, 2010. I booked a flight to Milwaukee WI the next day and called Prime Time Shuttle LAX to pick me up to bring me to airport. I made and paid for the reservation online at 2:05 pm the day before my flight.The company receipt told me to ready at 4:40 am for pick up and I was on the front porch waiting for them at that time. At 4:43 AM I called Prime Time Shuttle to ask where the van was and “Rick”” the employee who answered the phone that morning and who refused to give me his last name or employee number told me that the company changed the pick up time to 4:20 AM due to the high amount of travelers to the airport that morning. I told him I never received a phone call or e-mail about the change in time and reminded him I just made the reservation the night before. He responded by telling me it’s in the contractual guidelines that the company can and will change times for pick up based on how many reservations they end up with that time for pick up. I was furious and now late and I asked Rick when the driver would be back to pick me up and that I pre paid my shuttle fare. He told me that the company would not come back to pick me up and I ended up spending $79 in taxi fare getting to the airport and the $24.18 for the Prime Time Shuttle LAX that never showed up on the time they said.”

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