Roadway Inn, Findlay, Ohio Union Grove Wisconsin Review


This booking was done via the Expedia web site. We had a Late Arrival due to travel / traffic difficulties. When we got to our room the Mildue Mold Smell is very strong. I immediately asked for a different room. My request was refused. I called Expedia they did not resolve the room issue and did not provide an alternative hotel. I booked a new hotel for the following day and told Expedia tha I was checking out in the morning. As we settled in to make it through the night more discoveries: Feet stick to floor in certain spots of the carpet. A Bug / cockroach fell onto the floor when my wife pulled back the covers. In the morning the Hot Water Flow is just above a trickle, the sink backed up, 1/2 of the shower head jets were plugged. Expedia Failed to help resolve issues and bill remains for 2nd day. This is a racket: Bill $50.00 / Night for a $20.00 room. Double book the same room the next day when the discusted guest leaves. The hotel now makes $150.00 a night for a roach infested swamp. This Hotel needs to clean up or be condemed/shut down.

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