Sleepers in Seattle Sparks Maryland Review


Not only did Sleepers in Seattle send me damaged merchandize, not only did they never complete their “white glove delivery”” but they never responded to email and phone complaints until 2 months after I filed a dispute with the credit card company which they disputed by submitting a forged proof of delivery. The best way to to show up these fraudsters is by simply copying my email history with them. Note the dates! They never responded to my first email or phone calls until fter they challenged my CC dispute. From: ME To THEM Date: Thu

2 Jul 2015 05:26:12 -0400 this was the day after the delivery attempt To Whom It May Concern at Sleepers In Seattle

Manna Distribution Services and Translogistix: I am writing inclusively to all concerned (except for delivery company contracted by Translogistix for whom I have not been given any contact info yet) regarding many problems with a recent incompleted shipment designated as tracking number K12204397 for a Natuzzi Sleeper Sofa purchased from Sleepers in Seattle under order N3425 for $2139 including $140 for u201cPlatinum Serviceu201d which was to include delivering the sleeper to a designated room in my home


disposal of dunnage

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