The Assurance Group Review


I went to work for the Assurance Group and was never treated with such disrespect. You could wait for hours until a manager would see you – even if he knew you were waiting . The whole staff that works for the Assurance group knows about the commissions not being paid, or being paid incorrect, or leads being deducted that were not correct amounts, etc, the training that was teaching you the ways that were not correct. Their response is that they work for the manager and close their eyes, how sad. Large turnover and really this company has become a joke in the insurance industry. It amazes all people who work in the insurance field that they are still in business but they are the best at recruiting agents who are new in the business. Not sure what will happen to this company but feel sorry for all these people at TAG as you do not continue to cheat, lie and steal and not pay a price!!!! .

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