ThermoSpas Review


Thermospas are a fraudulent company, they use high pressure tactics like “you can only get this deal tonight”. They bring brochures to your home that show different models than what you are actually buying. If you go to their website it shows the same models that are in the brochure but the salesman doesn’t tell you that you are actually getting a lower model with less features (jets). | When the salesman came to our house he showed us a brochure and we picked out the Atlantis model which in the brochure at 41 jets and we were told that was what we would be receiving. The picture showed jets in the back and in the seating and leg area. | When our tub arrived it only had 14 jets and none in the seating or leg area at all and now the company claims that we didn’t want to spend the extra money on the jets so they sold us a lesser model…keep in mind that these lesser models are nowhere to be found in their brochures or on their website. So even if they say it will have less jets it would not be the same model because they don’t just take a couple of jets away from each area they take all of the jets away from the seating and the leg area so you literally get a completely different layout of jets that they don’t tell you about. | They claim that what we saw in their brochure was an Atlantis 400 and we ordered an Atlantis 200, we were never told of the differences between the two models and their brochure and website do not even show different models of the Atlantis so it is obvious that they are pitching one product and selling another. | We feel we have been lied to and misled and robbed of $8000 for a very inferior tub from what we were shown in the brochure and what we could have bought much cheaper elsewhere. They should take the tub back and refund our money. We will be seeking legal action against this fraudulent company that is robbing americans of their hard earned money.


  • Name: ThermoSpas
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: Wallingford
  • Address: 10 Research Parkway, Ste 300
  • Phone: 203-303-0005
  • Website:

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