ticketmaster Review


I tried to purchase tickets on Ticketmaster online. When I completed the purchase it told me to go to my account to find the notifications and hit accept for the purchase. After I did this I went back to Ticketmaster site and it said that the purchase did not go through. So I went online and googled Ticketmasters phone number and this is were it started. I called the number and I explained my issue with the purchase and they said they can help me. They said that there was a glitch in the system and they can refund my money. They told me that they will refund my money, 379, and charge me only 300 for the tickets, 100 for the inconvenience. They said that I needed to go to Kroger and get a Ticketmaster card to get the refund. I went to Kroger and looked for the card. I found the Ticketmaster card and it was blue and he said that it had to be pink to work. Kroger didn’t have one so he said to use a Gamestop card for the refund. He said that they can connect the card to the account and refund it that way. They told me to get a card and put 300 on t for the tickets. I did that. He said wait. Then he said that in order to give me the full amount the Gamestop cards need to be the same amount so I had to get another card and put 500 on it. I did that and for the inconvenience they will give me 200. I did this 3 more times for 500 with them increasing how much they were going to give me. Then they wanted me to give another 500 to finish the transaction and he said that he spoke to the bank and they were going to give me a total of 7000 in my account. I didn’t do that. He wasn’t happy and very persistant with getting the money from were ever I could get it because they were going to give me 7000 for my troubles. I told him no I can’t. He told me he will call tomorrow. He gave me his name and phone number. I called the number back after and spoke to someone else and I had them send me an email and they did.

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