Trans Union Credit Bureau – Imposter Review


In February a man called stating he was an Official Agent for the Trans Union Credit Bureau stating that he had a claim from YP Mobile that we had an outstanding invoice and that they had sent many invoices but no payment was made. He was there to collect the debt so it would not effect our Credit Score or our NAICS code. He said that he waived all sorts of fees and if we paid immediately no further action would be taken. So we paid the $1398.99 via paypal sent to us via email and he said that he had placed a sieze and assist on the company and they could never come after us again. In March this same man called back with the same story that someone from our office was on a recording authorizing this service which we knew nothing about. This time the company wanting money was YWS-Direct. We asked for the voice recording and he told us they sent it to the WI Court of Appeals in Waukesha and we would have to go there to hear it. We did not pay him this time and instead called the BBB.

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