Turtle Creek Subdivision Review


I purchased a new home from Turtle Creek Subdivision in Gulfport MS on 2/6/2015. Since then I am living a nightmare. In spite of the guarantee issued to me personally by Paul Benton, neither he, nor the builder Clay Guiterrez will make any repair requested, and there are many. | These homes are built with concrete walls and the walls are not square. The doors are not square because the walls are not square. The plumbing is a joke. The driveways are cracked, mant homes here are flooded when it rains because of improper grading. | In short the subdivider, Paul Benton is an attorney and knows nothing about subdivisions The builder. Clay Guiterrez must have received his contractors license from Sears and Roebuck. When he made one attempt to fix my front door because it would open without much pressure, he hit the door three times with a sledge hammer then pronounced it repaired. | These people issued guarantys to over 100 homeowners then ripped them off by doing nothing. | I call that FRAUD and the people that perpetuated the fraud, CROOKS.


  • Name: Turtle Creek Subdivision
  • Country: United States
  • State: Mississippi
  • City: Gulfport
  • Address: 13014 Turtle Creek Pkwy
  • Phone: 228-832-6020
  • Website: www.turtlecreeksubdivision.com/

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