Twist Used Machinery Janesville Wisconsin


Complaint: We purchased a 1980 John Deere 950 tractor from Larry Twist. He assured us that it was a good tractor and made us feel comfortable about the purchase. 1/2 hour after we got it home, the engine froze up on us to the point where the engine was no good anymore. We took the tractor back to him and asked if he would help us. He said he would pay for the labor if we purchased the parts. We agreed to this, after all, it was used. After a couple of weeks, he finally gave us a list of parts needed and we agreed upon a $2000 price tag. He then wanted the money up front, which I would not do. I offered 1/2 down with 1/2 on delivery. I also wanted a warranty on the work he was going to do, which, again he would not do. He ended up hanging up the phone on me because I was so “unreasonable””. He also stated that no dealer in his right mind would fix the tractor without money up front and then give a warranty to boot. Well

Tags: Truck Dealer Repair

Address: call any John Deere dealership around. They do!! You don’t pay for it until it is done (yes

Website: he noticed that the head was cracked. Tack on another $800 for that

Phone: that’s right

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