United Air Temp Davidsonville Maryland Review


Once upon a time we were happy with this company, but that was over 6 years ago. They installed a unit in our home, then a unit in a rental property. Initial service was quite good. Then the bottom fell out. I do not know if it was a change in management, or simply that they had accomplished the big dollar sales. The service now is a travesty. Most upsetting is the poorly disguised pressure-sales event they call yearly maintenance. One is contractually obligated to have a service once a year for approximately $50 to “maintain”” the unit to forestall any problems. What instead occurs is a 5 minute glance at the unit then a heavy push for any number of products that just happen to be on sale that day! Such was the case when a tech told my tenant that he had black mold on his unit but that for the paltry price of $250 an “”acid wash”” could be done that would keep him and his family from the suffering that mold can cause. I personally inspected the unit. There was no mold. I had a professional contractor inspect the unit. T here was no mold. The tenant was still quite upset even after reassurances. I inquired of the tech as to his training re: mold remediation. He had none but stated that he was instructed to offer this service. When I discussed it with the Lorton

VA manager he denied any such instruction and stated that the tech should never have offered such a diagnosis. Recently

at my home the $50 went to a tech that my wife times at just over 9 minutes looking at the system. He then proclaimed that we urgently needed a coil wash ($250 again) or risk immediate failure of the system. Unfortunately what he did not notice is that the leak which these clowns have not been able to successfully identify and repair had occurred again and that we had no refridgerant in the system. We noted a problem because it was already over 80 on the second floor (he said it was due to our dirty coils) and was over 90 the next day…during upper 70’s Maryland late spring. When we eventually got a repairman who was capable (yep- they initially sent the same guy back out to us) we had already evacuated the upper floors. Have contacted costumer service 3 times- pleasant folks there

but have yet to hear from the Lorton manager over the 2 week complaint process. Bottom line: do not under any circumstances use this company. Period.”

Lorton, Virginia USA

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