United Consumer Financial Services Bellingham Washington Review


Purchased a Kirby vacumn, and paid it off in payments, then close to end of payments, we had to relocate due to destruction of our condo due to bad weather storms, so called up United Consumer Financial Services and totally paid it off by phone with credit card. Asked guy on phone if it was completely paid off and there would be no fees or other monies owed, and he assured me there would not be. He told me at the end of our conversation, that there would be a letter coming but to ignore it and it would go away, and they might contact me by phone and I then could request a letter from them stating it was paid off in full. I thought that was pretty strange but dismissed it. Anyway, just recieved a letter today, almost a year later that I owe $8.02, and they have reported to the credit bureaus (4 of them) about my default/late payment/missed payment, and this was an attempt to collect a debt. This is unbelievable, and makes me look bad when I am in the process of getting approved for a home loan, and doing everything I can to keep my credit in good standing. I pay my bills, and I paid this vacumn in full, and after almost a year later I recieve this? Unacceptable. I wonder how many people have had rip off dealings with these people. They are extremely difficult to get ahold of, deal with and even make payments to. If at all possible, do not deal with these people for any reason, or you WILL have issues.

PO Box856290 Louisville, Kentucky USA


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