US-1 Van Lines New Orleans Louisiana Review


We hired US-1 Van Lines to move our daughter from Coral Gables, FL to Columbia, SC. The sales people were very nice, came out to do an estimate, and gave her a reasonable estimate. So, we hired them to do the move. From that point on, this move was a NIGHTMARE. We scheduled the pick-up date well in advance for a morning move at 9 AM. The afternoon before the move, we received a phone call at 5:59 PM that they were changing the time to an afternoon move. This was totally unacceptable as we had planes to catch in the afternoon of the scheduled move. We immediately called them back, but the call went to voicemail. So, we had no idea when US-1 was showing up. What a stressful night not knowing what was going to happen the next day! The next morning we started calling at 7 AM. Only got voicemails on 10 different extensions. At 8:45 AM, we finally got a return call – they were rescheduling us back to the morning time, and they would get there as soon as possible. The men arrived late morning to pick up the items being moved and, fortunately, these men were terrific and polite. The nightmare started after they picked up what was being moved. We emailed and called US1 to schedule the delivery in South Carolina about 6 weeks in advance of the requested delivery date. We never received a phone call, but received an e-mail confirming our request. A week prior to the scheduled delivery date, we called to follow up. We called three times a day for 3 u2013 4 days and never got a return call or e-mail. We eventually got a person on the line and were told that these dates were not confirmed and that the delivery wouldnu2019t happen until possibly a week later. At this point, all flights reservations and hotel reservations were confirmed in South Carolina and couldnu2019t be changed without penalties. We then called back to discuss this with a supervisor and were told that the supervisor was busy, that nothing was changing, that we didnu2019t know anything about moving (which we did as we have moved across the country quite a bit), and the customer service representative, Karen, hung up on us and wouldnu2019t accept any additional calls from us. Overall, there was a complete lack of communication from this company. Every time we called their customer service line, we either had to leave a voicemail or were told that they would call us back soon with an answer. Then we would never hear from them. I believe one time they did call us back, left a voicemail, and when we called back immediately, we couldnu2019t get a hold of anyone. Three months later, our daughter is STILL missing a box from the move with valuables in it and has called over 10+ times to try to find the box. Again, she left multiple voicemails or was told that someone would call her back with more information, only to never receive a follow up or would end up playing lots of phone tag! At this point, we have given up because we can never get an answer out of anyone. It seems as though only one person runs the phone lines, which is unacceptable for a supposed popular moving company. Also, donu2019t expect to have someone answer the Customer Service Claims line if you have a missing box because the 20+ times weu2019ve called them, itu2019s always gone to voicemail. This entire experience has been miserable, and we highly recommend NOT using US-1 Van Lines. The customer service was terrible, and to have someone hang up on you is completely against business etiquette. We tried to be patient with this company, and now completely regret using them. We hope that by reporting our experience, it helps potential customers turn to a different company and have a more pleasant experience.

Miami, Florida USA


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