Walmart Visa Gift Card Review


I received a $400.00 Visa Gift Card for Christmas. I called and registered it. I then used it for my first purchase of approximately $100.00. I then used it in January in the amountof $21.76, and again in February for $3.85. That was last time I was able to use it. I called the number on the back of the card and cannot obtain a real person, it’s all automated. I then went on the website and got the purchase history for January and February. I sent an email requesting information regarding my gift card. I have yet to hear from anyone regarding the issues with my card. This is a total rip off and and it is against the law to steel money, and is missrepresentation of their product!! These were not my funds but my in-laws spent their hard earned money and it is so unfair to them. Do not purchase these cards. I will also go to their Facebook Page and write a post there also! .

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