Zoom Web Media / ZWM Technologies Complaint


Buyer Beware! If I could, I would rate this as 0 Stars. I was contacted by someone to offer me their SEO services. After a well rehearsed explanation, I have decided to give them a shot for the agreed to $499. Within a few days, I had received a call that my current website is no good and that I would need to have a new website designed in order to have Zoom Web Media do what they originally were supposed to do. I had Zoom Web Media explain to me, what they would do and how much, I had agreed to a further $849. However something about the process just struck me wrong, so I called into my Visa company to check the charges. The original $499 turned out to be well over $500 and the $849 was closer to a $900 charge. I called to cancel and get my money back, this is where this process really got fun. I had to waste my time making multiple calls just to be hung up on, passed around to “managers”, accounting departments and so on. After repeated attempts and multiple threats of bad press and about 4 months later, I finally managed to get $799.66 back. I have been dealing with these clowns for over a year now to have my full refund returned. I still do not have my full refund and probably never will. The worst company that I have dealt with. PERIOD! Great for anyone who would like to be frustrated, annoyed and being taken advantage of. Can be very entertaining if you like con artists, and liars.

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