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Inlet View Family Campground upstate New York Review


We were so upset with out camping experience that I set up a website to explain what happened. Please check it out for the full description including pictures and text of the incident. nIsland campernupstate, New YorkU.S.A.
2272 Main Street Chincoteague, Virginia U.S.A.
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Sabrina Strickland Kimler – Deland, Florida Florida


This woman I used to be best friends frowning up. We lost touch for years and she came back into my life to have a 5 year affair with my husband behind my back. She is married with 4 kids. My husband and I have 4 kids. Between the two of them they have destroyed many lives. I caught them having sex and have it on tape. My husband lied to me over and over telling me I was crazy and making myself...

Click DVD House Carlstadt New Jersey Review


MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the people who were had by Click DVD House. Like most others, I ordered a DVD set at the beginning of December. Not receiving the set, I e-mailed the company 3 times without a response. Only upon having my credit card company re-credit my account, did the DVDS miraculously arrive on my doorstep on Christmas morning. What a miracle! I thought. NOT! THEY...

Global Homes & Properties Ltd (operating under the name of HPL Global) Other Review


Invested in Global Homes & Properties Ltd 1.5 years ago (under the name of HPL Global), a student accomodation – E & O Residence, Leiceseter. When the project was due to complete was told that they had problem with the land and advise to switch to another project with Daniel Johns (name of property investment company). After months of negotiation, HPLs’ replies were either... San Bruno California


Complaint: I really need to make it a habbit of researching every company I do business with here before making any kinds of purchase. This way, it cuts a lot of potential aggreviation that could have been avoided. What really gets me about Cleverbridge is the fact I should have remembered them from years ago. FIrst time I actually overlooked a company thats has already ripped me off before. And...

Adam the Electrician


This person claims to be a licensed electrician and was referred through another reputable business as a subcontractor. While on property to perform services that were agreed upon under subcontracted work, additional services were solicited. He collected money for the services but caused damage to my home in the process. He agreed to return to make repairs but never did. The services agreed-upon...

Office Depot Highland Park Illinois Review


I have bought two different Maxtor hard drives and two rebate forms were issued by the store’s computer system. I bought the second Maxtor drive based on the suggestion of the sales clerk, who has empathized with my issue of lost data due to hard drive failure, and suggested an external drive for a backup of my data. I had purchased that drive because of that recommendation and expecting a...

Algorithmic Trading, Don’t Trade with Algorithmic


Algorithmic Trading conned me out of thousands of dollars. Their entire operation is a scam.If you look closely at their equity curve chart, you would understand how they have tried to manipulate the values by not including commission and slippage. It shows unrealistic monthly and yearly returns.When I invested with them, I never got the statements that I asked for. | Upon my loss of thousands of...

electric empire usa


I made an order on 11/21/2016 for a self-balancing scooter for the price of 199.99 free shipping. They charged by bank card right away for 199.99 and didn’t even charge tax. Their site advised a 3-5 day shipping delay due to high order volume. I waited until 12/01/2016 and called. A lady answered the phone and advised order would ship by the end of the day or the next (12/02/2016). The item...

Clear Debt Results Review


They took my money from my American Eagle Bank accounts never cleared a thing each Month i got phone calls they checked never recieved a report on my credit bills never got payed i need my money..
Name: Clear Debt Results
Country: United States
State: Connecticut
City: Bloomfield
Address: 1036 Blue Hills Ave
Phone: 860-888-5018