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I Saw It First Complaint


Absolutely disgusting service. Even after numerous emails asking for my refund and providing proof of postage still keep asking to wait a further 5 days after the 14 and the same again and again. Rude customer service. So basically not getting my money back. When I tracked the return it was still stuck at the post office which they haven"t chased up because even though I have sent proof they...

UTS Review


Purchased this and wanted somebody to come and do maintenance. It became a hassle out of the gate and I wanted to cancel it (I have 30 days) . I emailed and left a voicemail and after a week of trying, I finally got a hold of someone. I was told it bad to be in writing in an email to [protected] I submitted that and still haven"t heard back. I am calling the credit card company now to...

California Blinds Company


What a horrible experience! I scheduled an appointment with a time window between 11am-3pm and was told I would be called 30 minutes prior to the arrival of the installer. | The day of the install, between 11am-3pm, no call, no installer, nothing. Half an hour later, 3:33pm, the installer, Paul, calls me to tell me he's 5 minutes away. I tell him that no one is there any more because it's passed...

Aztil Air Conditioning Complaint


Aztil air conditioning fraud lies criminals theirs west pl beach florida, steals money and does not show up they never answer their phone and they are now getting shut down! Go to the attorney general and florida prosecutors office like I did and complain to them, they are headed to jail stay far away from aztil air conditioning boca raton florida [protected] This review (Aztil... Complaint


Aside from being a very poorly run site full of flakey webmasters and moderators, this is a bad site to belong to for any aspiring writer. At one time, it may have been trying to be something great for new writers' exposure - like SoundCloud or Bandcamp for musicians. But it is clear now from the abundance of scam literary journal requests that this is nothing more than a slightly more...

LION CAPITAL AMERICAS INC – Preliminary Investigation into alleged misconduct


Due to the serious nature of allegations against LION CAPITAL AMERICAS INC, has temporarily /redacted/restricted or removed the article and has asked the user to re-submit a more detailed report, backed with more substantial evidence(s). We understand that the user has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a...

Liberty Mutual Review


about 14 years ago liberty mutual hires a third party march norach to sue me after their cliant in a rental car decided to make an iligal u-turn to get back to a rode he passed 15 foot behind him to the leftminamal damage was done only his front bumper came off ad the cop give him a couple of tickets. years later when they take it to court i was out of town working on some navy ships in newport...

Cryptolux Capital Complaint


Cryptolux Capital (don't confuse with is a quite shady organisation that hides from their investors behind a website. The only way to reach them is to use an email they provided there. That's all. Not sure anyone would write them, because they have no program, no strategy, no one knows what type of trading they use, are there annual management fees. They claim that "past performance...

Hotel Diradja Complaint


Date: 29th June 2019 (Saturday) Booking: [protected] I just want a refund for the above matter as this is an extra booking done due to no update from the previous problematic booking of [protected]. I have sent an email and call Agoda to cancel this. I even on the property itself on 29th of June 2019 to request this cancellation. As usual, nobody would entertain me. I never stay in the hotel from...

Alternative Auto Repair


Alternative Auto Repair Hefty Auto Repair Well I came in for a tune up which led to timing belt and valve cover gasket and catalytic converter this was done in 5/18/16 and 6/6/16 and 6/13/16 Las Vegas NV!!. Well now I had to have a smog inspection this year in June 2019 and I was told that my smog didn't passed because it was tampered with the look on my face was shocking. I asked the technician...